when laundry becomes a battleground

I’m drawing the line.

Right there. In the middle of the socks and underwear. You might need to push those jeans out of the way to see it.

Because I’ve had it. Had. It. With my girls refusing to put away their laundry. I don’t make them wash it (yet). I don’t even make them fold it. I just ask that they take the folded piles I lay on their beds – folded in stacks according to where they are put away even – and put them where they belong. And yet, their floor is covered in clothes.

Literally covered.

I have asked nicely. I have cleaned it all to give them a fresh start. I have bagged clothes on the floor and donated them to Goodwill (oh yes I have). I have threatened. I have yelled. I have expressed extreme disgust.

And the clothes remain all over the floor.

I think it’s time for drastic measures. I will give them one warning of this new plan of mine – not because I think it will do any good but because my children like to be forewarned. The warning? I’m going on a laundry strike. If those damn clothes aren’t put away where they belong then I’m done washing them and drying them and folding them and carrying them to their room and laying them out. They want their clothes to belong on the floor? Then that’s where they can stay. And when they ask me where their uniform is or want to know when their favorite shirt will be cleaned I will point at the floor – like the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come I will point in silent fury and walk away.

And so laundry becomes the current battle in the long-waged war against raising children who are helpless and think it’s acceptable to treat their mother like a servant.


3 thoughts on “when laundry becomes a battleground

  1. I so feel your pain. How my daughter tells the dirty from the clean I’ll never know since it all ends up on her floor. At least she gets the clean clothes in a laundry basket, so there’s some hope they won’t mingle with the dirty ones.

  2. I think it is a good and necessary plan.
    Ask Matt at what age he was responsible for moving his clothes from the laundry area to the room and back again.

  3. Oh yes……
    The teen, right when we were about to take drastic measures, cleaned her own room, without asking, at 7am on a Sat. morning??? It was very strange.
    BUT, I am sure the laundry is all just thrown in her closet. I have told her that until she treats the folded laundry with respect, I will no longer fold it.

    the 12 yo…..got his ipod taken away, just the other night after I had to remind him to put his laundry away and he got mad. Because you know, the fact that you have parents that care about you and pay for you to be clothed and wash and dry AND fold your laundry for you is reason enough to be mad….seriously.

    Let us know how this goes….

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