some weekends are ruled by the kids

Last weekend I had unusually kid-free plans. I got to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant with just my husband. I did have one child with me Saturday for the Notre Dame game but the plans were all ours. Sunday we spent most of the day sans children at the Indianapolis Colts game before heading back home to reality.

This weekend I’m paying the price for all of those adult activities. Tonight I’ll be spending 90 minutes helping teach our cheer squad their dance performance for our end of the year showcase. Tomorrow, Saturday, my husband is gone all day and starting at 10:30am I will be taking child #2 to her last football game of the season to cheer. And since I’m the coach I’ll also be working with the girls for a couple of hours. I will run the kids through a drive thru for lunch. Make a quick stop at home for a change of clothes and then drop kid #2 at the school for a National Honor Society project. I’ll stay in the car to drop kid #3 at a friend’s birthday party.

I think kid #1 is surprisingly plan-free during all of this but I wouldn’t be surprised at all to have that change.

4pm on Saturday I make the rounds to pick up kids #2 and #3 and then we’ll head to Saturday night Mass. Because Sunday morning I’m taking kid #3 and one of his best buddies up to Legoland for an afternoon of geeking out with their favorite toy.

It isn’t the busiest weekend ever and I suppose it’s exactly the sort of weekend I’ll remember fondly someday as I eat a leisurely brunch while reading the Sunday paper… you know in approx 22 years when I have that sort of adult time on my hands again.


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