live in the now

Some people don’t like this season of the year. This autumn with its hint of chill and bluster. They say that everywhere they look things are dying or preparing for winter and they hate winter. I say, those people are anticipating what’s to come instead of enjoying what we have now. To me fall is

– rusty red and bright yellow and harvest orange
– a wedding (my own, purposely planned for autumn)
– the crunch of leaves underfoot
– the sweetness of candy corn
– apple picking (and then apple baking)
– walks collecting leaves of different shapes, sizes and colors
– the sight of tall grasses waving in the wind
– pumpkins – and all things made with pumpkin… pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes…
– mums on the doorstep
– crisp air that makes you want to do something
– sweatshirt weather
– holding warm cups of tea with both hands

I would be sad if I lived somewhere that did not have this special season. I love fall.

I came up with this post while I was out running yesterday. Running in the blustery wind, crunching on leaves and counting pumpkins on doorsteps. I saved it for today for Heather of the EO’s idea to Just Write – a weekly exercise focused on free writing.


5 thoughts on “live in the now

  1. I really love fall, too – the colors, the better running weather, the more comfortable temps. But, I’m also one of those who dreads winter. Knowing I have a winter race this year is going to force me to run outside once the snow flies. I’m skerd!

    ps-I also hate mums. I don’t know why. Is that wrong?

    1. We can compare winter running notes – it’s not so bad really, I even like it when a light snow is falling.

      But “hate” is an awfully strong word against an innocent fall flower. How about “strongly dislike” 😉

  2. You left a comment similar to this on my fall post and it did make me step back and think. I am getting better about liking fall and trying hard to not dread what’s coming next, so thank you.
    Like Bari, I plan on running outside this winter and I’m a little nervous about how that’s going to go!

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