love with boundless energy

I love my son. Truly, I do. My only boy is my last child and even though he’s seven he still insists on hugging me long and hard each morning as soon as he wakes up. He loves to snuggle and read with me. He holds doors for me and offers to carry things. As I tell him quite often, he is my favorite boy.

Now, I consider myself a person with lots of energy but some days I have to hide from my son’s boundless energy. His hugs that turn into climbs all over my person. His constant need to show me what he can do – watch this! Mom!!! Watch! Watch me now! No, watch me now! This one will be better – watch! Mom! Watch!

Oh, and he is far from succinct. Say for example, he stubs his toe. Seems like a fairly simple explanation when I ask what’s wrong, doesn’t it? Not from this boy’s limitless vocabulary. The recap will start somewhere around dawn and explain what he was wearing, what he was thinking, and precisely where the offending piece of furniture lies. It will continue with a real life demonstration – often presented with varying angles so I can get the full picture of the injury. You think I’m joking? I assure you I. am. not.

And please do not ask him about his latest Lego creation. If you do, you will get a brick by brick explanation of every single feature he put on it plus the features he was thinking about putting on it plus the repercussions of said features on any Lego enemies. Prepare to spend at least 10 minutes nodding your head and saying wow at appropriate intervals.

Each morning his sisters go to school almost 90 minutes before him. That means we have 90 minutes of time with just the two of us. It’s awesome in so many ways. In other ways it goes like this:

Me: J, I’m going to go in my room and get dressed, brush my teeth and get ready, okay?
J: OK mom.
47 seconds later…
J: Mom?!? MOM!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU MOM?!?! I want to show you something MOOOOOOMMMMM!

I swear he’s not a clingy child – of all my children, he has always been the easiest with transitions. The easiest to leave in someone’s care. A nod and a wave and he’s good to go just about anywhere without me. But when we are together? He likes to have me in his presence the entire time. All the better to tell me his never-ending stories, show me his amazing skills and shower me with his love.

I know, I know… someday I’ll miss this. And I’m certain I will. But today? On many days? It’s exhausting.

As I type this post he has bounced in & out of my office four times to tell me something and right now his stuffed bulldog is sitting on my shoulders to keep me company. I need to find a better hiding place.


3 thoughts on “love with boundless energy

  1. Oh this sounds like Jack Jack.
    Except that sometimes, he is also clingy.
    When he found out we were not going to church yesterday because he had pink eye he said “Oh good. Now we I can hug you all day long.”
    Maybe these two guys need to be friends so that they can tell each other about their legos.

    And I do miss him, a lot, when he isn’t around. And it hurts to think of the one days that he won’t want to cuddle with me any more. Those baby boys….

  2. This sounds so much like Tommy. He is clingy, though, but he is also full of boundless energy. This morning, he came into our room at 4:50 and greeted us with a rambunctious, HIIIIIIIIIIII Mama and Dada!! And then he was off and running.

  3. Ah yes! Where does that energy come from? I try try try my best to remember that one day the LAST thing Munchie will want to do is cuddle up with me on the couch. But yeah… some days…

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