once a list maker, always a list maker

The husband and I are getting ready to take our annual trip North – that would be to Northern Michigan. We go each fall for a long weekend without the kids and it is one of our favorite trips to make. The views of Lake Michigan, hikes on the dunes, wandering thru wineries, delicious dinners, sleeping in… it’s going to be a great couple of days. And thankfully we have parents who are willing and able to come hang out with the kids so we can go. The kids get some extra grandma time – we get some extra alone time. It’s a win-win situation.

When the kids were very young I used to print up a daily schedule. I’d include when they’d eat, what they liked to eat, when they should sleep etc. As they grew old enough to be somewhat independent I dropped the list. We’re talking three days – they can handle being on a different schedule for three days at this point (remember they are 12, 10 and 7 now).

But I have to be honest… I’m typing up a schedule again. WAIT! Don’t roll your eyes at me (that job is reserved for my children). I have a justifiable reason for my OCD tendencies this time. Grandma is coming here to watch the kids and there are multiple practices and games that the kids have to get to. I honestly think it would be inconsiderate of me to expect Grandma to remember their schedules as told to her verbally. I have a hard time remembering where everyone is supposed to be, and they are my kids!

So – I’m back to list making. Not nearly as detailed as my timed daily schedules of years past (yes, really – shut up). But it will include drop off & pick up times. Perhaps a small map since Grandma doesn’t live here. A suggestion of what to do with them on Friday since there is no school that day. Oh, and directions on how to reheat the dinners I’ll make ahead of time.

You’re rolling your eyes again aren’t you? I can’t help it! I am so grateful that someone is coming to watch my children that I feel compelled to make it as easy as possible.

Or I’m a total anal control freak. Whatever.

5 thoughts on “once a list maker, always a list maker

  1. Omg….I feel this list. I just finished mine. I did a day by day list too. And since my days gone include two school days for the kids, Sunday night’s list (the kids have school Monday) was feeling a bit overwhelming. It is amazing that all the things I do, when put into a list form = 4 pages…… And I included a map that I scanned in and then added to my typed list.

    Plus my page of doctors, just in case. And the medical release form….just in case….

    Why don’t we hang out more in real life???

    Have a great time

  2. This was great!! I love seeing another couple who gets away for “alone time”. 🙂 We’ve also been blessed to have grandparents to help out when we go…and it’s changed as they get older…just as The List changed. They are 19, 17, and 14 now so The List has been pretty much laid to rest. :)) They need the insurance cards (that thank God have never been used), the car, and $ for food. Other than that they are good to go!
    Seems like just yesterday though I was in your shoes. Miss the younger years….but don’t miss The List. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by…Loved this post!

  3. I am a list maker! I try to scale it back with the grandparents because I don’t want them to think that I don’t trust their instincts, but I feel better having it all written down on paper so I can make sure I haven’t left out an important detail.
    And like Sarah said, you have medical release forms and all that. After Tommy was diagnosed with epilepsy, I made a packet for both sets of grandparents and the sitter with medical release forms and pages of information. I’m sure they thought I was nuts, but it helped me sort and process and feel a little bit better about leaving him in other capable hands.

    I hope you have an amazing weekend! Drink some wine for me.:)

  4. Ah yes, I know the list well. Except my list was more like a booklet when I was in Vancouver and my mom was staying with Munchie. (But in my defense I was gone for 2-3 weeks.)

    Have an AMAZING trip!! It sounds like it will be fantastic!

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