Halloween now & then

When the kids were really little, Halloween was all about cute costumes. The kids would be so excited to dress up, show off for a handful of neighbors and then come home to hand out candy. They were so excited to see other kids dressed up that they’d wait by the door, peeking out windows to see who was coming. In our old neighborhood we might hit a dozen houses and the one, regular size bag of candy would last all night – usually with leftovers.

Then we moved and the kids got older. Now Halloween is all about candy. CANDY! Those kids literally ran from house to house to house last night. Costumes were thought of just a week ago. We met at a neighbors house for dinner beforehand and then a big group of kids trick or treated together. Afterwards, that same group had a huge candy trade – “I got Dots? Anyone wanna trade for some chocolate? Anyone?” Oh, and I bought three enormous Costco bags of candy and we have less than half a bag leftover.

Quite a change.

Halloween used to be all about pumpkins. We’d pick & carve our pumpkins about a week ahead of time. Searching & searching for just the right design. Taking our time to carve it just so and marvel at it by its candlelight.

Now we get our pumpkins two days before Halloween and decorate (not just carve) them literally hours before trick or treating. Seriously – we finished yesterday with less than an hour to spare. It’s not exactly slap-dash work but it’s definitely dropped to the background.

some spiderweb action this year

This Halloween is a funny thing. I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s kind of a lot of work for two hours of crazy. But even as the focus changes, these kids?

They love it.


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