life’s snapshots

I take a lot of pictures but sometimes it’s the pictures I don’t take that stick out most in my mind. The snapshots of my mind…

– the image of Lake Michigan & the Chicago skyline during this past weekend’s race

– the look of pure joy and fun on J’s face as he was doing everything he could to make his little friend laugh; and the corresponding look of glee on her face as he succeeded

– the way my 12yo walks out of school each night after swim practice… I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something in that walk that hints of the adult she is becoming

– the sun shining on my young son’s skin as he took an outdoor shower at our summer beach retreat, without a self-conscious thought he literally danced in the sparkling water and warm sunshine

– the sight of happiness on E’s face as she performed at her dance showcase; a look of such confidence and delight that you just knew she was doing something she loved

– my kitchen table surrounded by laughter and faces of friends I value and hold so very dear

– the look on my children’s faces as they walk through the door each day after school

– the way the sleeping faces of those same children show hints of the babies they used to be

Mental snapshots that tell me more than many pictures could. I swear I can hear the shutter click in my mind at these moments, capturing a feeling – an image – a sensation of stopping time for just one brief moment.



6 thoughts on “life’s snapshots

  1. I love this. I love those mental snapshots. Often times I find myself thinking, “I should get the camera and capture this.” Sometimes I do, but mostly I just try and bring it in. There’s a part in a Maya Angelou short story we read in class where she talks about how she wants to gobble up a room entire–that’s what I try to do with those mental snapshot moments.

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