Mid-Week Gratitude

It’s November so I am making a conscious effort to pause each week and reflect on the things in my life for which I am thankful. Last week I shared a list of small moments. This week I’m sharing lots of images. This week I am thankful for the many adventures I was able to share with my children this year:

The hikes we took close to home.

The many museums we visited. This year we have played in the halls of the Museum of Science & Industry, been wowed at the Field Museum, learned at the Art Institute and even drove south to discover the Indiana State Museum. That’s a lot of fun adventures.

The time we spent jumping waves and playing in the sand and walking along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

And for yet another summer where we made history come to life at battlefields and national parks and other historic sites.

The amazing wonder that is Niagara Falls from all possible angles.

The time spent at my favorite Lake – in all seasons.

For a day playing in Legoland with my block-crazed son.

And I am thankful for the many adventures yet to come.


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