Either I bounce out of bed five minutes before my alarm with a list of things in mind to get done or I hit the snooze three times and have to drag my puffy eye-lids out of bed. Today it was the latter.

As I get up and stretch, either my right ankle is stiff or my left leg throws up a complaint. (sometimes both!) Today it was the ankle.

As I head into the kitchen I will have to decide what breakfast options to lay out – cereal/oatmeal only or toss in the syrup. Today I will probably let them have syrup.

After the girls are at school, J and I will have to decide either walk to school or be sissies in the cold weather and drive to the school path. Today we will walk – after all as soon as he’s in the school I’m running four miles anyway and I’ve got to get used to the cold temps sometime.

After my run I’ll either buckle down on work projects or I’ll run to Target which will also lead to Starbucks because I have a lovely gift card that is begging to be used. I’ll probably choose Target and then try to be extra focused when I get back home.

And then at Starbucks I’ll have to decided either hot caramel apple cider or a chai latte. Right now I’m thinking cider.

It’s going to be a Dad-free night at our house tonight which means either breakfast for dinner or something involving cheese and pasta. I’ll probably let the kids pick that one.

Tonight I get to go to mother/son night at the elementary school. The theme involves some exhibition of lizards, snakes and other creepy crawly things. Either I’ll sit towards the back and stare at my watch every 10 minutes or I’ll sit in the front and end up being the mom who holds the tail of the boa constrictor. I’ll let you know which one happens.

This weekend I’ll be faced with more choices…

Either swim meet with the oldest or basketball game with the youngest.

Either swipe candy from the kid’s trick or treat bag that never notices or be an equal opportunity swiper and hit all three.

Either Harry Potter marathon or trip to see the migrating sand hill cranes.

Either library visit with the kids on Saturday or Sunday.

Either jeans or yoga pants with a big comfy sweatshirt.

Either cotton sheets or move to the flannel.

These are the things that were running through my head as I couldn’t quite convince myself to leave the warm covers this morning. As I tell my children all the time – life is full of choices, your job is to make the good ones. Luckily, my choices are all pretty basic this weekend. Whether I’m an either or an or – it’s going to be good.

“A man is happy so long as he chooses to be happy and nothing can stop him.” ~ Alexander Solzenitsyn

And since none of these three are awake and bursting my bubble, I’m choosing the happy route.


2 thoughts on “Either/Or

  1. Today was a snooze and drag out of bed day in our house. Actually, it was an oversleep and fly out of bed swearing day, but that’s neither here nor there.
    Love the picture of your kids. Was that at Taltree?

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