Colorful Gratitude

A week until Thanksgiving! It’s officially time to start menu planning and pajama pant buying! (And no, it is not time to get out your Christmas decorations or play Christmas music. You can start all of that in 9 days – patience is a virtue.) I am thankful for a time of year that reminds me to be thankful. I’m looking for slightly different ways to appreciate my world and today we’re going to look at colors. I could come up with many things for each color but instead I’m going to write about the first thing that comes to mind. Think of it as a word association game – you’re welcome to play in the comments.

I am thankful for:

  • Red: the color of the tree right outside our front door that is always last to change but has the brightest red leaves I’ve ever seen.
  • Orange: the color of my Mackinac Island fleece pullover because it is comfy and reminds me of the ridiculously fun trip we took there with our friends.
  • Yellow: the pad of post-it notes I keep at my desk. I have a post it with a list of songs to buy on itunes, the start of a Target shopping list and a list of dates to transfer from email notices to our family calendar. Post-it notes feed the list monster deep inside me.
  • Blue: Lake Michigan. From its bright blues in the summer time to its deep blues on a cloudy fall day. I am thankful for this immense body of water that brings my soul peace.
  • Green: Starbucks. (hey, their sign is green) I received a Starbucks gift card recently which means I have been spoiling myself with cozy, warm drinks when out running errands. Twice in the same week even. Unheard of.
  • Purple: My daughter E’s sense of style. Yesterday she wore a purple tunic, jeggings and boots. She pulls together an ensemble of an outfit every day. She has a sense of her style that I’m not sure I have as an adult. It’s not a style that everyone can pull off, but she sure can.

A rainbow of gratitude!


4 thoughts on “Colorful Gratitude

  1. I think I’ll be getting my second Starbucks treat this week too!

    Any idea what kind of tree you have that turns so red. We bought a maple tree a few years ago because I WANTED red leaves. But it doesn’t seem to happen. Maybe it’s too young?

    1. The thought of other students writing this exercise (that I came up with while running yesterday btw) makes the English geek in me smile šŸ™‚

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