Pajama Pant Friday: A Public Service Announcement

I am certain that all of you know it is the week of Thanksgiving. However, there is another holiday happening this week that many of you are probably overlooking: Pajama Pant Friday.

No, it’s not on your calendars. If you Google it you’ll find many references to pajama pants on sale during Black Friday (but my blog comes up too and if you put the term in quotation marks, my blog comes up first). There are no Hallmark cards or knick-knacks to help you celebrate. But do not despair! It is still a holiday and I am here to help you mark the occasion.

It’s one of our favorite holidays of the year and it doesn’t involve gifts or decorating or stress or dressing up. It involves family-time, game-playing, relaxing and – you guessed it – pajama pants. Here’s how you celebrate:

1. Mark your calendar, it is always held on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

2. Make sure everyone has comfy pajama pants to wear. I use this as an excuse to buy my kids a new pair of pj pants but any comfy pants will work… sweat pants, yoga pants… really anything that doesn’t have a button & zipper.

3. Dig out the family games or Christmas decorations or movies. Something that you can do together that everyone enjoys.

That’s it! Our tradition includes turkey soup and assorted Thanksgiving leftovers. Some years we dig out games from the back of the closet and vote on whether or not to keep them. Often times an adult or two will get some online Christmas shopping done. The kids will most certainly watch a movie… perhaps even a Christmas tale.

No matter what happens I can promise that it’s laid back, relaxed and together. What a great way to kick off what is often the busiest time of year.


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