the holidays test me

The turkey leftovers have been tossed or frozen. The pumpkin pie is gone for another year. The pajama pants have been reinstated to their normal status. The holidays are here.

Yesterday, while the kids were at school, I dragged up 872 boxes of Christmas decorations from the basement. As I was doing it I had the sudden thought – why didn’t I do this on a weekend when the kids are here to help. And then it hit me – because if I did it on a weekend the kids would be here to help me.

Nothing brings out my control-freak tendencies like Christmas.

Sure, I’ve heard of families that decorate everything together. They probably sing Christmas carols and drink hot chocolate while they are doing it too. That’s nice for them. Me? I want to do it all by myself and hurry before the kids get home from school.

I like my Santas displayed in just the right arrangement. I prefer to set up my nativity scene a certain way. There is a pattern to the way my mantle is decorated. The garland needs to be wrapped around the banisters in just the right fashion. And don’t even get me started on the tree.

I’ve tried very hard in recent years to relinquish control of that tree. In years past I’d let the kids decorate willy-nilly and then completely redecorate after they were in bed for the night. The past two years I’ve made a conscious effort to not completely redecorate – it might have had something to do with one of them waking up in the morning and wondering why her ornaments weren’t where she put them the night before. Really? Maybe Santa’s elves were here last night sweetie. Now I restrain myself only to eliminating the most obvious ornament clumps. But don’t think I can walk past that tree without noticing something that needs to be tweaked or adjusted.

Is there a Holiday Decorating Anonymous I should join?


4 thoughts on “the holidays test me

  1. My mom was like you. I am the complete opposite. As long as they are happy and feel accomplished and proud of what they’ve decorated, I don’t care how it looks.

  2. This makes me chuckle.
    Our tradition has always been that the Mr. takes care of all the outside decorations, I take care of the inside. But, he puts up the tree and the lights and then the kids decorate the tree. Actually, though, the Mr. is quite the control freak about the tree. He doesn’t actually put up any ornaments, but he sits on the couch and directs. Seriously. It is a site to behold. 🙂

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