a good deed each day

When I was a kid I loved the Advent calendars with a flap for each day. I remember opening each flap to reveal a verse of the Christmas story or a picture to complete the Christmas scene on the card. We have an Advent calendar for the kids now, one of those permanent calendars with the drawers for each day. I load the thing up with small pieces of candy and the kids get to open a drawer each day. (Though I got a great idea from an online friend to put things in the drawers besides candy – slips of paper with activities to do. Watch out Advent 2012!)

That drawer calendar is all fine and good but I still miss the small pleasure of finding today’s flap and prying it open to see what secret lies behind. The Hallmark store (where we always get our ornaments) had a small display of paper advent calendars. Among the choices was one that showed Good Deeds. Each day you open a flap and it has a good deed for you to do. I LOVE THIS IDEA!! It combines the tactile pleasure of opening the flap with an activity in the true spirit of Advent. Sold!

The kids take turns opening the Advent calendar and are responsible to do their good deed within 24 hours. The tasks haven’t been too demanding. The kids seem to enjoy doing them. And I really like the focus it brings to Advent – which shouldn’t just be a countdown to a day filled with presents.

So far they have put out birdseed, written a thank you note to someone, decorated a space in the house, donated a toy to charity, created a handmade Christmas card and prayed for a friend. I can’t wait to see what today’s flap will reveal!


3 thoughts on “a good deed each day

  1. I love this idea! We’ve never done Advent calendars at our house, but I remember having the paper flap ones as a kid. I might need to stop by the Hallmark store today and see if they have any left. We’ll just have to double up a bit 🙂

  2. That’s awesome!
    We’re doing good so far with our Advent(ure). I meant to blog an update last night… today maybe.
    We had a paper Advent calendar when we were kids. And we used it every year. Just re-opened the same little flaps to find the same little pictures. But it was still fun. Present-day me can’t imagine why.

  3. We now have cloth re-usable advent calendar, in which the start gets moved into a pocket each day. I am pretty sure that only JJ has been paying attention to it this year. We could easily put good deeds in the pockets….what a great idea!

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