committed or just plain silly

There are times in my running/training where I wonder why I make certain choices. Running a 15K on a severely sprained ankle… running outside in single digit temps… running more than 20 miles… These do not seem to be the smartest of decisions and yet at the time they seemed perfectly logical.

Take this morning for instance. I’m coming down with a head cold. It’s 40 degrees outside and damp – been raining all night – and I’m getting ready to go for a run. In the dark, no less. It’s the only time I have to run today and my schedule says to run three. I am a very good schedule follower.

So what I’d like to know is when did running go from being an optional activity that I could choose as today’s workout? When did running become something I feel compelled to do regardless of the weather or personal ailments? I’ve exercised my entire life so it’s fair to say that exercising is more than just a habit with me. But this running… outside… in all sorts of weather… before the sun even comes up… this is beyond a habit.

I don’t know what to call it. And I don’t know what to call the person who chooses to do it. Dedicated? Hard core? Committed? Or perhaps I should be honest and admit – it’s just plain silly. (And yet, out the door I go.)


3 thoughts on “committed or just plain silly

  1. There is something about running…the way it makes me feel….that makes it a need, rather than just something I do. Runners do tend to be a little bit obsessive about these things. Not sure if that makes you crazy? or just a runner. Or maybe being a runner makes you crazy.

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