Where’s my Christmas break?

It’s the last day of school before break. My elementary-aged children will be wearing pajamas to school today and I believe the last hour of the day will be spent singing Christmas Carols in the gym. The 1st grader has Polar Express day and there will be some learning-related activities cleverly disguised as fun and games. They will come running home at the end of the day so excited to have TWO WEEKS OFF. They will shout “See you next year!” to all of their friends and laugh (that joke never gets old). They will come bursting in the door with handmade crafts and sugar-rushed tales of their parties. (except the middle schooler, she rarely bursts through the door and certainly never brings crafts home)

And then we will have a week of… nothing. Christmas is still more than a week away. Next week is going to feel like such a let down. We’ve got some family visiting from California so that will be fun. But I’m in the beginning stages of a really big work project so there won’t be any day trips to the city, or afternoons filled with baking cookies, or trips to fun places with other families to play the day away. In fact, there’s likely to be lots of “go watch a movie and be quiet because I have another conference call.” Fun, huh?

I’m hoping to be super-productive so I can at least sneak away once or twice in the week between Christmas and New Year’s – take them to a movie or maybe a quick trip to the Museum of Science and Industry one day. I might take an afternoon or two officially “off” so I can do nothing but play. I just don’t know when that’s going to happen. I miss the days where I had two glorious weeks stretched ahead of me with nothing to do but relax and be with my friends. This is one of the few times each year that I’m totally jealous of my friends who are stay-at-home moms with no extra jobs or of teachers who get to take breaks with their kids. I want a Christmas break too.


4 thoughts on “Where’s my Christmas break?

  1. I kind of like that Munchie’s school goes right until the 22nd. There won’t be much time for sitting around and waiting for Santa!

    Good luck with the multi tasking!

  2. My students answered about 60 of the Santa letters. 🙂 I’m pretty jealous of the 1st grade teachers today!
    I hope you’re able to squeeze in more time than you think. I am happy that we managed to solidify a date for lunch with Bari!

  3. My favorite part of this years break is that my husband and my kids, still have school through Wednesday….:) Mon, Tues, Wed morning? Those are all mine….

    Of course, I too have California family coming in Wednesday night, so Wednesday will probably be more about cleaning the house all day. But, Tuesday and Monday, those are all mine 🙂

    I hope you do get to find some time to enjoy the week. And I have to say, that my kids, seem to really enjoy and crave the down time, of unlimited screen time and no plans. At least for the first week. The second week they tend to argue and fight a lot. 🙂

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