The eight days of Christmas

We are on day three of the Christmas octave – the days of Christmas that still focus on the story of Jesus’ birth. And in that spirit I’ve decided that gives me eight days to remove the secular clutter of Christmas from my house. It looks like a tornado ran through here this weekend. The furniture is in all the wrong places (the better for tree & present viewing.) There are approx 82 loads of sheets and towels to wash from our holiday guests. Boxes and piles of presents that need to find a home. Oh and all those Christmas decorations that were so fun to get out yet never seem quite as fun to put away.

Part of me would like to stay here in my office and ignore it while working and watching the snow gently fall. Most of me realizes that someone has to get things back in order and run to the grocery store and catch up on the laundry. (and still get some work projects done). I’ve got a birthday interview to write for this blog too 🙂

Maybe those three wise men will swing by and deliver some help. Though I could really use La Befana and her broom today.


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