winter break fun or bust

This Christmas break has not been the break I try to have for my kids. We haven’t visited any museums. There’s no snow for sledding fun. I haven’t taken them on any local adventures. And it’s not because we’re having a cozy, stay-at-home kind of break – we really have only had one or two days where they could just relax. This break has been full of people visiting (which is fun) and me working (not so fun). Even when the people were visiting, we didn’t do anything special. I feel like I’ve neglected an opportunity to bond with the kids.

I’m not sure they feel neglected mind you, but I feel like I’m neglecting them. And today, I’m taking some time off just for myself (and feeling terribly guilty about it). So tomorrow, I’m hoping to take some time just for them. I’ve scheduled some work calls for early in the morning. I’ve pushed back my long run to Saturday. And I’m really hoping that tomorrow I can give the kids time away from the house, even if it’s just lunch & a movie, I want to do something fun before they head back to school.


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