let’s play a game: what’s in your purse

I am not a purse person but I am intrigued by people who are. Even for non-purse people like me, I think that what’s in a purse tells you something about that person. I’m not sure what it tells you, but I suppose it tells you something. And I think the size and style of a purse definitely tells you something. So let’s play a game – I’ll tell you about my purse and if you feel like playing along – you can tell me about yours. (and if I get an embarrassingly small amount of comments, we’ll just chalk this up to me telling you about me.)

I own four purses. Three of them are very small. As in not much taller or wider than the span of my hand small. Those three are black leather, brown suede and multicolored fabric. All three of them have a long enough strap to be worn across my body because when I do carry a purse I prefer to have my hands completely free. The fourth purse is a medium size Vera Bradly backpack that I only use when we go on vacation. I am currently carrying the brown suede purse… I think it’s a Fossil brand:

What’s in my current purse?

  • two tubes of Blistex
  • An old grocery list (from yesterday so not that old
  • A Kleenex, not used
  • my wallet

That’s it. If I’m going out with my purse it will also carry my cell phone. Over the Christmas season it carried a number of receipts but I cleaned those out last week.

So what’s it say? Am I a minimalist? Am I very concerned about chapped lips? I don’t know what it means other than I’m not the kind of girl that likes to haul around a purse. I’ve never owned a purse that cost more than $20 – well that Vera Bradly bag might but I didn’t pay for it. And even when my kids were small, I didn’t carry around a big purse. I used that little backpack on day trips so I could stuff in a diaper & sippy cup & snack.

My poor girls, this is probably another example of where they got screwed with me as a mom. Add it to the list of doesn’t use make-up and doesn’t own a curling iron or hair spray.

Turnabout is fair play… what’s in your purse?


10 thoughts on “let’s play a game: what’s in your purse

  1. Hmm…I have several very different types of purses, some medium-sized, one quite large (it was a gift, but turns out I love it), and even one that’s a small backpack for easy wearing when I’m on my scooter or the back of my hubby’s motorcycle.

    The contents inside vary from day-to-day, but the usuals include: my wallet, international driving permit, sunglasses, regular glasses, journal & pens, phone, keys, mosquito spray & tiger balm (what? mosquitos love me.), and my digi harinezumi (a camera). If I’m extra prepared, I’ll carry a travel pack of tissues…because never trust a Thai bathroom. 🙂

    Wonder what all that says about me… Fun game! I’m curious to see what others say!

  2. This will be fun, because I just noticed that I did not clean out my purse, the entire christmas break!
    I too am not a purse person, so I tend to choose bags that have a long enough strap to cross my chest and be more like a messenger bag. I got this one off of etsy and I LOVE it.

    In my purse: North Face gloves (it’s cold out there…), hairbrush, spy glasses (yep….), wallet, make-up bag (I don’t actually wear hardly any make-up, this bag really just contains lip gloss, a toothbrush, and face powder), car keys, a random water bottle cap that is now going in the trash, a DS game I found in the car and didn’t want to lose, a payment reminder for youth orchestra, a colon cancer pin that needs to be pinned, 2 granola bars (in case of a 6yo hunger emergency), a gift card for a restaurant, 2 pens, a pile of receipts, a garfield picture JJ drew, a Wooly Willy (you know, those magnetic pieces that you can make into facial hair???), electrical tape….AND a random dollar bill.

    Aren’t you glad you asked? I am glad, because I just cleaned out my purse, finally.

  3. Fun! I just shoved my wallet in my coat pocket this morning because I had a big work bag to carry. But I’ll do this at home tonight when I’m reunited with my purse!

  4. I like that you specified that the Kleenex is not used. My mom would always pull Kleenex out of her purse and be like, I think it’s unused… maybe.
    I actually usually don’t carry a purse. Before kids, I loved my Coach and Kate Spade bags, but I abandoned that with kids. I never really did the big diaper, either. I would shove a few diapers and snacks like you said in a stroller pouch and be done with it. Now I’ll grab a bag when I’m going out without kids, otherwise, I just have a Gussy Sews wallet that I shove all of my cards and a few tubes of lipgloss in… I’m boring!

  5. Let’s see . . . a wallet, a brush, a small mirror, a handful of pens and tissues. That’s about it. When my kids were young, I carried a huge purse with everything I could think of!

  6. It has been so long since I used my purse I don’t have any idea what is in it. The last time I carried a purse it was a backpack purse with just the essentials of wallet, keys, pens, chapstick (for me this is an essential) and sunglasses. I am sure there is probably some coins I threw in the bottom. So what does it say about a person who doesn’t carry a purse most of the time?

  7. I rotate between a couple of large purses, a small black leather purse for evenings out (when they happen), a couple of cross-body purses and a small Kelty backpack (mostly for summer excursions). Currently in my large purse: overstuffed wallet, checkbook, small wallet with store cards, a small size binder with pad of paper and store coupons (used by W to draw at restaurants and other boring places), a few pens/pencils, at least one SHARPIE marker (you never know when you might come across a Hoosier star who needs to sign an autograph!?), 1 tube of mint Blistex, 1 tube of Burt’s Bees lip stuff, maybe another lip gloss or two, a pack of gum, sometimes a container of mints, a pack of travel tissues, a snack size ziploc bag with a feminine product or two and bandaids, a few cough drops, and a little make-up bag with powder and floss. At other times, add: a couple of granola bars, sunglasses, shopping lists.

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