thoughts while shoveling

5:30am: Alarm goes off and I’m awake and ready to see how much snow has fallen.

5:40am: Putting on my adorable orange snow boots, hat & snow shoveling gloves. Let’s do this!

5:41am: Oh… it’s so pretty to see everything covered in white. No one else is out yet, there’s a special hush and sparkle after a good snowfall.

5:43am: WTF?!?! What is this icy crap stuck to the driveway under the snow?!?

5:50am: Okay, that icy layer is the top 1/4 of the driveway and our cars can drive right over that. I’m moving on to the actual snow.

6:00am: If I had known that it was going to take longer than the standard 40 minutes I would have worn my ipod. Oh well, I’m getting into a groove here. I’m a good snow shoveler. They should come up with a winter triathlon where snow shoveling is one of the events, I would rock at that.

6:20am: My neighbor comes out with his snow blower. We do the friendly neighbor wave.

6:30am: My neighbor does the longest portion of my sidewalk for me and stops to ask if Matt is still sleeping. The light is off in our room so I nod. Neighbor says, “Good for him!”

6:40am: Neighbor is done with the whole driveway. I’m about 2/3 done and I’ve been out for twice as long. I start to understand the appeal of the snow blower.

6:45am: Wave to a different neighbor who has already been up and taught spin class at our Y. She’s one of my running partners and I decide that I am soooooooooo glad I ran my 12 mile training run on Wednesday instead of this morning. Wednesday I wore capris and a long sleeve shirt.

6:50am: Down at the worst part of the driveway, the bottom. This snow is always heavier than all the rest. And my wrists are getting sore. And I can no longer do nice even straight lines. And I want to be inside eating breakfast. And I don’t have to go anywhere in the morning, why am I still out here shoveling anyway?!?

7:00am: My husband comes out and is surprised that I’m still out there. “Why didn’t you come get me?” he asks. Because by the time I realized I could really use some help he was already in the shower, that’s why. We need a better system on snow shoveling mornings.

7:15am: Sprinkle some ice melt on the icy spots on the front steps. Vow to go buy a new snow shovel with a nice strong metal edge. Seriously considering buying five shovels and making everyone help next time.


4 thoughts on “thoughts while shoveling

  1. I loved this! I also love that I’m reading it in bed on snow day & I have no clue what condition our driveway is in.

    We are the only family in our cul-de-sac without a snowblower. When the city plow comes thru, all the snow ends up in our driveway. It sucks beyond words.

  2. We got one that has a angled handle to be bettter for your back. Tanner was beyond the pale last night so for punishment I told him to shovel the neighbors driveway to put something Nice back in the universe. He begged to use the snow blower, I told him that would be fun and not at all punishment. I am sure he is THRILLED with me right now. Ask me if I care. lol

  3. hi
    ihave about 6 inches
    have a path shovel wide enough
    to take the garabge out
    ihaven’t deceide to finsh or call
    gran p

  4. That layer of ice underneath the snow is why I ended up on the treadmill yesterday. I walked into the parking lot, slid, and thought, “Nah…”
    I loved your train of thought while shoveling!

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