out of whack

I haven’t had a regular five day work week in a month. Having my kids home always throws a wrench in my work plans. All in all they are very good about occupying themselves and understanding that I’ve got legitimate work to do in my office. But it’s hard to concentrate for a long chunk of time when they are running around the house. They tend to interrupt and show me things or talk to me – which is part of why I love working from home. But I’m going on week five of having them around extra days and it’s starting to get to me.

First they had winter break so they were home constantly for two weeks. Then they had the Monday after New Year’s Day off school so I only had a four day week of quiet. Then they had “records day” which is the day the teachers have to grade finals and enter semester grades, so last week I had another four day week of quiet. Today is Martin Luther King Jr day so there’s no school which gives me yet another four day week. I still am getting things done, I’m just not nearly as efficient as I’d like to be. And on top of the disruption to my quiet concentration – I have mother guilt.

If my kids are off school, I would really like to take advantage of the time with them and do something. It’s a tricky balance this trying to get enough stuff done but also do something fun with the kids. Kids pull me this way… work projects pull me that way… house chores pull me in yet a third direction… something’s gotta give.

I told myself I’d get up at my usual 5:30am today so I’d have a good two hours of work before any kids were up. Then I ended up having a night of interrupted sleep so when the alarm went off I couldn’t do it. All I could think of was the fact that I didn’t have to get up early because there were no lunches to pack and no car pools to drive. I slept an extra 90 minutes. Unfortunately instead of feeling well-rested, I feel groggy and stressed.

I just looked at the calendar, my next regular week of five consecutive quiet days is due to happen the week of February 6. My schedule is totally out of whack.


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