where did the snow go

That’s the question I’m going to get as soon as the kids wake up, “Where is all the snow?!?” When they went to bed the world was still covered in white but it rained all night and the snow is gone. It’s coming back today of course (silly, unpredictable winter weather in the Midwest) but right this moment there’s no snow.

I understand their disappointment. Snow makes everything so pretty. Without it we are left with some very brown, drab scenery. On yesterday’s run I couldn’t help but smile at how nice everything looked sparkling in the snow. I wasn’t a big fan of the icy spots or piles of slush that slowed me down from time to time, but the snow everywhere was just beautiful.

Unbroken expanses of snow made me want to take a picture. But it was the messy yards that made me smile. The yards with the snow angel markings and footprints through to the grass in spots and the piles of snow that somewhat resembled snowmen. Those yards weren’t nearly as pretty but there the snow was well-appreciated. In those houses, there will also be small voices asking “Where did the snow go?”

Those kids aren’t in line at the store saying “I’ve seen enough of that white stuff to last me for a while.” They don’t grumble at the forecast. They don’t walk around and complain to each other about the snow. Those kids love winter (and spring and summer and fall). Snow just brings a new way to play and what could be better than that?!

Snow is really just a lesson in seizing the day.


3 thoughts on “where did the snow go

  1. I agree that the snow is very pretty to look at, but also can’t wait for it to go away again. Trying to train in this gunk isn’t going to be fun.

  2. JJ was very sad that it was gone this morning.
    Hopefully there is more for him tomorrow.
    Watching his grin while he ran around in the snow last week, made me want to seize the day the same way that a six year old does, headfirst into a snowbank.

  3. We finally got a load of pretty white snow, but it was immediately followed by bone-chilling temperatures. At least our snow won’t melt and will still be there to enjoy when it warms up a bit.

    (for other people. I’ll be inside.)

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