when the romantic comedy isn’t so funny

So we watched Crazy Stupid Love this weekend. It’s billed as a “romantic comedy” and a couple friends of ours recommended it. Steve Carrel is in it and I was afraid he would be annoying – but he wasn’t. Julianne Moore is in it – which is probably why I was willing to watch Steve Carrel. Ryan Gosling is in it – and frankly it was worth the two hours just to see him without his shirt. All in all, it was a good Saturday night movie date on our couch.

The 13yo came home from a babysitting gig about 20 minutes into the movie so we let her stay up and watch it with us. Yesterday as we were driving to her swim meet she asked me if I liked the movie. I told her I did and asked her what she thought. She thought it was great and very funny. I told her it had funny parts but I don’t think it’s a funny movie. Why? Well…. let me tell you a few similarities that made it not so funny (I promise I won’t ruin the movie if you haven’t seen it.)

The basic premise of the movie, as you might guess from the title, is love. The story line around which all the minor plots revolve is the marriage of Steve Carrel’s & Julianne Moore’s characters.

  • They started dating in high school. My husband and I started dating in high school.
  • Miniature golf was one of their “things” early in their relationship. Our first date was miniature golfing.
  • The husband buying his wife ice cream was another one of their shared moments, her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. Mint chocolate chip is MY favorite ice cream flavor.

Are you kidding me?!?! I’m sitting there expecting a light, romantic comedy. Instead, I get a relationship that is breaking up before my eyes with eerie similarities to mine. You know – except that I didn’t sleep with a co-worker. And I don’t think there’s a bar in our tiny town with a Hitch wannabe waiting to magically transform my husband. And my life is not filled with grand romantic gestures.

I won’t say anymore in case you want to watch the movie. I found the whole thing a little weird. Cute movie. Probably far cuter if you’re not me watching it while eating mint chocolate chip ice cream that your husband surprised you by bringing home earlier in the day (yes, really).


6 thoughts on “when the romantic comedy isn’t so funny

  1. First off…All I read was Ryan Gosling and had a bit of trouble focusing. Almost as good as the Mint Chocolate Chip πŸ™‚

    Very weird the similarities!

  2. That is kind of creepy.

    I found it depressing. There were many kleenex involved if I remember correctly.

    Related: I’ve found that now that I’m a grown up, living in the real world, with a real job, and a real marriage, that “romantic comedies” typically either make me mad or depressed.

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