On the scale of problems

Yesterday my middle child, the 10yo, had a somewhat concerned look on her face. “What’s the problem?” I asked. “Today is girl pick boy day in square dancing for gym class.” Sigh. “And why are you worried?” I wondered. “Because whoever you pick, the other kids tease you and say that’s who you like. And mom, seriously, there are some gross boys in 5th grade. I don’t think all of them wash their hands regularly.”

These are serious problems when you are 10.

Yesterday, I too had a stressed look on my face. I needed to get a few pieces of my projects to some sense of closure. Finish up a ridiculous mountain of laundry. Oh, and pack before my flight this morning.

These are serious problems when you are 40.

But what my daughter and I realized at the end of the day is that neither of our problems were really that big. She got to pick “one of the three boys who washes their hands.” I was able to get things wrapped up enough to not feel guilty for the next four days. Sometimes you start the day thinking things are just going to be awful. Then you take the day one piece at a time and by the end you realize that it wasn’t so bad after all. (at least most days)

Now you’ll have to excuse me because I’m leaving in less than two hours and I’m not finished packing. Plus I have to paint my toe nails so I can wear sandals 🙂


2 thoughts on “On the scale of problems

  1. Having to dance with a 10 year old boy who probably hasn’t washed his hands in days is DEFINITELY a #firstworldproblem! I can totally empathize with her and I’m glad she didn’t have to dance with a gross boy 🙂

    Have a great flight – can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!!

  2. I still remember doing square dancing in 5th grade and yes, that is totally a real, valid concern. Boys are gross!
    Have a safe flight… can’t wait to hear all about Tink.

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