The catch-up day

Yes, I owe you all a race report but it isn’t finished yet.

Yes, I need to create a photo slideshow from my super fun getaway weekend but I haven’t downloaded pictures yet.

Yes, I need to catch up on the emails upon emails that are asking (demanding) for things but I can barely handle looking at my inbox yet.

Yes, I need to jump back on the laundry / housework train but I’m not ready yet.

I got home from lovely, sunny Southern California last night at 5pm. The hour also known as super-demanding-time. I was bombarded with hugs and requests for food and needs to plan for the evening’s activities. I made dinner in shifts. I monitored homework. I gave rides to & from swim practice. I went to the grocery store. I foam rolled my sore legs that were just a little extra stiff from being stuck in a plane all day. I put on biofreeze and crashed in my bed.

I need a day to focus and get a lot done. A day to stretch my muscles. A day to still have the lingering memory of warm sunshine on my skin.

Tomorrow I will post the full report, I promise. (it involves lots of fairy wings, smiles, an annoying cow-bell girl and of course 13.1 miles of fun). Oh and here’s the quote off my favorite shirt:

I am a running princess.
My running shoe is my glass slipper.
The finish line is my prince charming.
The accomplishment is my happily ever after.

Followed closely by my 2nd favorite shirt that said: I thought they said RUM!


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