fun with math

I am not a numbers person. Oh, I did just fine in math as a student thankyouverymuch. But numbers/math is not something I choose to deal with on a regular basis nor is it something I enjoy doing. My husband is the complete opposite. Numbers are the way he thinks. Two of our children seem to have inherited this trait from their father.

Last night after dinner the 7yo and 13yo sat around the table doing math problems… for fun. The 7yo showed us his latest math skills. He challenged his sister to see if she could figure out his math problems (and she played along nicely). She challenged him to see if he could figure out math problems – and he did. The kids compared the way they think about math to the way their father thinks about math. The 7yo showed his work voluntarily every time he worked a problem.

I sat there and drank wine.

(Side note: The 10yo was upstairs singing along with her ipod, happily oblivious to her least favorite subject being discussed at the kitchen table.)

Then the 7yo shared the rhyme he has learned to help with money values:

5 pennies make a nickel
2 nickels make a dime
2 dimes and a nickel make a quarter every time.

The 13yo loved it (as did I, he sang the rhyme – it was adorable). And I sat there shaking my head at how I gave birth to kids who like to play with numbers in their spare time.


5 thoughts on “fun with math

  1. My husband is a math teacher. I am NOT a math teacher. I am more like you, I was decent at math but I don’t think math. My boys are more like their dad than they would care to admit, and it makes me laugh when JJ goes to sleep at night talking about math.

  2. When my children need help with math someday, I am sending them to your house. I do like Lyndsay’s math, except that I have no hope of ever wearing a bikini again. I will happily drink those martinis, though.

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