How I celebrate Valentine’s Day

My husband & I never make big Valentine’s plans. There are no gifts involved beyond the occasional small treat (and I mean small, like a card and a pack of his favorite mints). We don’t go out to dinner. There are no flowers, no boxes of chocolates. I know that some people look forward to Valentine’s Day all year as a chance to express their love with all sorts of over the top gestures. And I know that some people look just as forward to being on the receiving end of those gestures. There are a lot of expectations riding on this one random day in February if you ask me.

For me, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to make the important people in my life smile. I’ll use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to make my husband one of his favorite dinners. My kids will wake up to handmade Valentine’s Day place mats with some of their favorite chocolates scattered on top and a small gift. My friends will receive a Valentine’s card from me because every girl deserves to get a Valentine and it’s fun to receive one in the mail. (note: If you’re one of those friends who lives more than 1 day’s mail delivery away, your card is coming late. I totally forgot to mail them this weekend.)

Last night, I got out all sorts of supplies for the 7yo to make valentines for his class party. I bought heart shaped cardstock and we have assorted stickers and ink stamps on hand. He decorated each and every one before signing his name. He made two great big ones on neon-colored paper for his teachers. It was a fun little craft project. The 10yo will make hers tonight; she’s considering tissue modpodge but that will likely depend on how much homework she has tonight since she’s waited till the last minute.

I like teaching my kids that Valentine’s Day isn’t about what you buy for someone – it’s about what you *do* for someone. A handmade card. A small surprise. A homemade dinner. That’s how I celebrate Valentine’s Day.


3 thoughts on “How I celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. I found myself thinking this morning that I should send Valentine’s cards out to friends, just like kids in elementary school. Of course, it’s far too late to do it this year, but I’m making a mental note for next year.
    I’m seriously impressed that you’re doing DIY Valentines. We went store bought all the way this year… I just couldn’t do it. 😉

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