Ten things I love right now

Happy Valentine’s Day. The day reserved for overpriced flowers and overdecorated boxes of chocolates. The non-cynical voice in my head reminds me that it’s also a day to find fun ways to show people we love them. So in honor of all things lovely, I am writing a list post.

Ten things I love *right now*

1. Running
It feels so good to get out and run. I’m not in training so I’m just running for fun. And I feel strong and healthy.

2. Fleece
It’s cold and I’m stingy with the thermostat. Fleece is so cozy that I’ve been sleeping in fleece shirts and my kids have fleece sheets.

3. Chocolate
I always love chocolate but I’ve been on a serious chocolate kick lately. As in “I’ll buy this bag of peanut M&Ms for the family.” And then the bag sits on my desk and I eat the whole thing by myself. (At least I don’t eat it in one sitting.)

4. Laughter
Being in the car when a friend gets pulled over because her plate expired months ago and she forgot all about it (it’s funny because she just got a warning). Sitting around the table with friends talking about nothing but laughing often. Listening to J tell a joke.

5. Twitter
It’s the perfect quick mental break when I need to shift gears in writing. Plus my Twitter friends are funny and a great resource/boost when it comes to running… and parenting… and beer drinking…

6. Words With Friends
Yes, I can see that is two computer-related items in a row. But I’m writing the first 10 things that pop into my head so give me a break. Words with Friends is another fun, quick mental break. It’s a good way to exercise my vocabulary. And I get to play with friends and family from near and far. My grandma loved to play Scrabble – she’d think Words with Friends was awesome, there would always be a game waiting when she wanted to play.

7. Planning a road trip
I love road trips. Short or long. New places or repeat visits. I love piling in the car and exploring. We’re planning two (TWO!) family road trips this year. Taking the kids all new places. Expanding their horizons and building memories. It’s gonna be awesome.

8. Sleep
I’m not getting enough of it these days – as evidenced by the growing circles under my eyes. And because of that I’m tired and longing for more sleep. I even had a dream the other day that I took a nap. What does it say about your sleep when you literally dream about getting more sleep??

9. A new home project
We’re getting ready to finish the basement. We spent some time measuring and chalking out areas this weekend. The framer is coming in a week to get things rolling. I won’t always love this project’s mess and inconvenience but I will love having a new space in the house for my family and friends.

10. My family
Every day I have something to complain about – one of the kids is rolling their eyes one too many times; I’m tired of complaints at dinner; my son won’t stop running & throwing balls in the house… and then a day like Saturday comes along. The kids spent hours creating treasure hunts for each other and following each other’s clues all around the house. All three of them. And it was good.

I probably should have done a shorter list but life is happy and good right now. I’m sharing the love with all of you on Valentine’s Day. Because the bonus item on my list: having people who read my blog so I have a place to write and share each day. Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you!


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