The story

The other night my 7yo asked if he could write a story on the computer. He goes through these creative kicks, he has notebooks filled with drawings and paintings and words. Sometimes stories, sometimes lists, sometimes I’m not sure what they are but he’s being creative so I’m good with all of it. This night he didn’t want to write anything by hand he wanted to “publish” a story (I guess that means type it up and print it off).

When done he asked me to edit his work “just like you do for your job.” I just corrected the spelling – don’t tell him there’s more to editing than that. We printed it, added some illustrations and now have a published work of art. I have scanned it to share it with all of you so when he’s famous someday you can say you read one of his very first published works.


7 thoughts on “The story

  1. So cute! My 7-year old has a “word book” – a Word document with an ongoing list of all the words she knows. Mostly she likes making the font really huge and changing all the colors.

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