almost three weeks of no training

I had the best time running the Tinker Bell Half Marathon at the end of January. As I’ve mentioned before, I did not have the best time training in those last few weeks. I’ve got a lot going on (remember Friday’s exhausted post?) and not a lot of time for running. I told myself that February would be the month of no training. I’m doing my best to squeeze in a workout every day because I’m more focused and less stressed when I do. But no training.

At least three times a week… or maybe 10… I’ve been looking for a race to do.

I’ve got the itch to keep my base up and the best way to do that is to throw down another half this spring. I think summer is going to be focused on triathlons (haven’t picked any races yet) and family vacations (two road trips!). So I’d really like to get another half in this spring.

I found one on March 24. I figure if I can just run twice during the week (which I’ve been able to swing) and then push out a long run on the weekends I can do it. This weekend I didn’t get my long run in. I spent Saturday morning changing my plans to “later” so I could do some things for my kids and “later” never happened. Sunday I was gone from 6:30 in the morning until 2:30 and then left again at 3pm and wasn’t home until 6:30. No running this weekend.

The smart side of my brain tells me to drop this spring half marathon idea. I don’t have time for it. I don’t need to add training to an already ridiculous, hectic life schedule.

The running side of my brain (which, to be honest, is rarely the same side as the smart side), tells me that surely I can find time for a couple double digit runs in the next three weeks. That it would be fun to have something to think about besides how I’m going to juggle today’s work/family/house schedule.

I can’t decide. The only thing I know is that it’s driving me nuts not having a goal or challenge in front of me. Part of me thinks I should stick with the no training schedule just to remind myself that I can workout just for fun. The other part of me wants to open up another tab on my web browser and look at race schedules.

Seriously, three years ago I told someone in no uncertain terms that I am not a runner. Will never be a runner. That I don’t like running and it hurts and I don’t want to do it.

But this rush is so worth it:

4 thoughts on “almost three weeks of no training

  1. I say still run the 1/2 but I will have run 2 halves & a 25k by the end of May, so I might not be the best to ask. Your base is up there but you might need to re-think your “goals” for the race.

  2. If March 24th doesn’t work, you can always do the ChiTown half with me on April 1. 😉
    Like Bari said, I do think you have the base for it, so if training doesn’t work out exactly as you want… go into it with the mindset that you’re just going to cross the finish line and enjoy the journey.

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