It has come to this

My girls are 2.5 years apart and have shared a room their entire lives. There are many times when the girls have enjoyed sharing a room. There are even times today when they like to share a room (it’s true, don’t let them tell you otherwise). But I recognize that as the teen years are upon us having their own space would be preferable. And since we are fortunate to have a house with enough room for that, I’m fine letting them have their own room.

Thankfully, we are in the last months of room sharing because as soon as the basement is finished the oldest will be moving into the current guest room. The sloppy habits of my middle child have completely stressed out her sister. The rude behavior of my oldest has caused her younger sister to cower in the corner. I have spent more time than necessary refereeing battles between them. They each have a valid argument but they need to find some way to get along. So, I am holding firm on my decision to not let K move out early because I think there are still valuable lessons to be learned from sharing their space. Their future college roommates and husbands will thank me.

I have spoken about these things – treating each other with respect; using kind words; taking care of our things – until I am blue in the face. Yesterday I hit the limit. Both girls were in tears. Screaming at each other and then screaming at me when I went upstairs to make sure no blood had been drawn.

And thus, we have arrived at this. The Contract:

They have both signed it and I wanted to nail it to their bedroom door but they convinced me that would be embarrassing. I have, however, saved it in a safe place and will whip it out when necessary. Here’s hoping this works because I am not paying for my stubborn children to have private dorm rooms in college.


One thought on “It has come to this

  1. I like the contract! I tried having my two share a room, but they are 10 years apart and that is an age gap that is hard to compromise. Just remember the lessons they learn sharing a room know will pay off in the future!

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