I have five minutes

I have yet another day with a jam-packed schedule. The sort of day where my breaks from work will be to get up and clean something in the house. I was up working until midnight last night. And I have to tell you, it is so frustrating to stay up that late and not have an awesome amount of hours billed on projects. Don’t get me wrong, I billed a good number of hours yesterday, but not as many as I would have liked. I fell asleep last night trying to figure out where the hours of my day slipped away.

It did not make for a restful night. So I woke up late this morning (for me). And when I started this post I realized the children will be coming downstairs in five minutes. This morning I’m telling myself to get going “quick like a bunny” before this window of writing closes.

I’ve got three minutes.

So I will tell you two things I’m looking forward to this weekend. Two things that will force me to stop working and hopefully just be in the moment:

1. My friend’s 40th birthday party: The party is here. We are throwing her a summer cookout in winter. I am turning up the heat so we can all wear summer clothes. My husband will grill in the snow. There will be laughter and beer and perhaps some silly picture opportunities.

I’ve got one minute.

2. The indoor triathlon: This was my first experiment with the triathlon three years ago. It’s a timed event where they add up the distance you swim in 10 minutes, bike in 15 minutes and run in 15 minutes. This year my oldest and husband are doing it with me. I hope it’s fun. It will be a great physical release after a week of pitifully few workouts.

And there’s the sound of a bedroom door creaking open and footsteps coming down the stairs.


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