in a sleeping house

I wake in a sleeping house.

I get up early to spend a few moments in prayer. To read a couple newspapers online and check the weather. To get a jump on my day. If I get up when the alarm goes off the first time (which is difficult on the nights when I got into bed approx 5 hours earlier) I have an hour to myself in a sleeping house. But even on the days where I linger a bit, I still am the first one up.

I hear the ticking of the clock in the front room. The whoosh of the heater as it warms my home. The click of my computer keys. The sound of my paper hitting the driveway.

I see the outline of houses across the street as the sky turns from black to navy blue. This time of year I can almost watch the sky turn lighter by the minute.

I feel tired but at the same time energized. I’m still wearing my pajamas (and fleece pullover and woolly socks). I haven’t put my contacts in yet. I’m usually just drinking water though occasionally I’ll make a cup of tea.

This sleeping house and I, we start our day embracing our contents before opening our doors and arms and letting them out into the world to conquer another day. It is the calm before the storm. A gathering of forces that I’ll need to meet the demands of today.

I wake in a sleeping house.


7 thoughts on “in a sleeping house

  1. That sounds really peaceful. My mornings are typically fairly rushed and chaotic, but I have many many quiet evenings when I’m the only one up. Nights where I watch the sky grow darker while I sit and type in my PJs and wooly socks and drink tea.
    So I get it!

  2. I know the feeling of being the first with or without enough sleep but I get dress for a run. I also see the sky turn in a quieter world with few cars, some fellow runners (I use that term loosely for myself) and a few walkers with their dogs. My favorite part of the run is the peace as I get closer to home my dog knows and starts pulling me to the finish. it is a great way to start the day but that extra sleep is hard to give up.

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