the cookie mom

For the past five years I have donated my time to my daughter’s girl scout troop as the cookie mom. I’ve got it down to a science now – introduce cookies to the girls, review cookie selling rules, give up a Saturday afternoon to pick up cases and cases of cookies, sort the cookies in my garage and pester parents to come pick them up. It’s not so bad. Until we get to the money collection part.

That’s when my stomach gets chewed up in knots. I am responsible for thousands of dollars. I have to go to the bank with envelopes stuffed full of singles and fives (I always wonder if that’s what a stripper feels like on a Monday morning). I have to reconcile accounts and stuff. And worst of all, I have to make collections calls. Every year there are two or three parents who don’t turn their money in on time. Every. Year. I’ve learned to give myself some cushion – I make the troop’s due date a week before the date I have to turn in the money. And still I will have one mom (the same one each year) wait until the very last minute.

That’s where I’m at now. I asked that all money be turned in by March 1. I told the parents when they picked up their cookie order forms. I told parents when they picked up their cookies. I told parents via email a week before the due date, the week of the due date and, for my stragglers, the day of the due date. Guess what? I still have two parents who haven’t turned in a dime.

I need to hire some collection goons.

And on a side note, how often do you read a post that mentions both girl scouts and strippers? Then again, according to that loony state representative (from my own state) we girl scouts are a bunch of subversive, devil-worshiping radicals anyway.


5 thoughts on “the cookie mom

  1. This must be so frustrating. I am always the person who sends things in RIGHT away, because I can’t stand when people don’t meet a deadline. Especially when it comes to dealing with money!
    I kind of want to make a donation to the Girl Scouts in Bob Morris’s name.

  2. Want me to send Tucker the Thumb over? You have the same lament that every other cookie mom I know does. The non-turning-in-on-time moms should be in their own troop.

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