There’s a quote from Aristotle that says “Hope is a waking dream.” Since I feel like I start most of my days right now in some sort of sleep-fog this seems like an appropriate theme for the day. Plus I’m a hopeful person by nature. Here are a few things I hope happen this weekend:

1. I get to sleep longer than 5.5 hours.

2. I get to read more than a page of a book before falling asleep.

3. That there are no blow-ups or drama while my oldest gets ready for her first fancy boy/girl party.

4. I manage to get in a nice long run, maybe even double digits.

5. I get to run part of that run with a friend who could use a break from her busy life.

6. That the weather is nice enough on Sunday to break in our Taltree membership with an afternoon hike.

7. That I get enough work done Friday & Saturday to play hooky for a bit on Sunday.

8. I hope that somewhere in the midst of my normally hectic life, I find some small space to slow down.

While I’m at it, I should also hope for no kids fighting all weekend; all chores getting done without whining; the bathrooms and floors to clean themselves and IU to win the Big Ten Tournament.

(I suppose those last items might be better qualified as *wishes*.)


3 thoughts on “hoping

  1. I hope every single item on this list happens for you this weekend. I also hope you’ll share pictures of the fancy girl, after she gets ready with absolutely zero blow ups.

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