shaking it off

The original post I wrote this morning went on and on in what I decided was a tired, complaining, depressing vein. When I’m tired and stretched thin, I tend to get a little dark.

But the sun is shining.

And my son gave me extra hugs this morning.

And the middle child strutted out of the house with a glow and a smile.

And the teenager only rolled her eyes at me twice.

And I’m going to make time for a short run today (only because I am taking the car in for an oil change and will run home, but it still counts).

And I’m wearing shorts for that run.

And I’m registering for Disney World’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon today because I’m going to earn the Disney Coast-to-Coast medal this year.

And my husband bought me a Cadbury egg this weekend which has been tucked away for just this sort of a day.

I am shaking off the doom and gloom. Exchanging the I can’t for a resounding I will.


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