my homecoming

I was home from my weekend away in time to greet the kids as they walked in the door. The way each greeted me tells a lot about their personalities…

13yo: Walks in, “Oh good, you’re home! Dad has been such a grouch I’m so glad you’re here.” Then I ask her if she’ll help me do a quick cleaning of the floor because it’s so dusty and messy from the drywall installation in the basement. She turns into a screaming banshee, “I HATE this! I can’t BELIEVE I have to DO THIS! This is so STUPID!”

10yo walks in, “Hi Mom!” Drops her backpack and runs over to give me a long hug. Then proceeds to disappear with her friend for the next hour. (But later she sat by my side and give me a minute-by-minute recap of her weekend.)

7yo walks in, “Hey.” Like it’s no big deal, he’s too cool for this. He walks over puts his backpack and shoes away. Then comes over to talk to me about his day. As always, he’s walking around the room in circles as he talks – he’s had to sit still all day long at school and has no desire to sit still now. I listen, exclaim appropriately and then say, “Don’t I get a hug since you haven’t seen me in three days?” At which point he climbs into my lap and gives me the longest hug of the day and then *sits still* on my lap for at least 10 minutes until I suggest we get a snack.

And then I had to clean the kitchen and run to the grocery store. Life as a mom pauses for no one.


4 thoughts on “my homecoming

  1. So the moral of the story is that I should be enjoying the age 7 stage and I should be looking into boarding school options before A turns 13?

  2. I love it. That was great. Especially the child who walks in circles while he talks. I’ll be gone and come home and my three become horrible. I’ll look at Dad and he’ll say they were fine while I was away. Who knows?

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