Two hours of my morning

I have always been the kind of person that tries to capture the everyday. Whether in words or pictures I want to have concrete memories of life as my children grow up. It is so easy to lose these moments in the blur of packing lunches and driving carpools. I don’t want to just have mementos from vacations and holidays and school music programs. I want to have glimpses into the ordinary. Here are some of those…

6:20am: Alarm goes off in the girls’ room. It’s set to wake them up by playing a song from their ipod. Lately it’s been Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. E comes dashing downstairs – for some reason running literally through the bathroom that adjoins their room so she can go to the bathroom downstairs. We have no idea why she does this, but she always does. After the mad dash she wanders into my den and gives me a good morning hug, wipes the bed head hair away from her face and asks if the breakfast stuff is out.

6:25am: K comes slowly down the stairs. Grunts in response to my call of good morning. Both girls get their breakfast together and read while eating.

As they eat breakfast I pack lunches and then eat my own breakfast. Often during this time J wakes up and snuggles with me for a few minutes before curling up on the couch for a little early morning television.

7:10am: carpool for the girls, they are off to school and I usually take another 15-20 minutes to answer emails or do a bit of work.

7:30ish: Time for J’s breakfast. I always read a chapter book to him at breakfast so we linger at the table for a while. By 8:15 he’s upstairs getting dressed. He often asks for my help picking out his clothes. And I would say about 50% of the time he actually comes downstairs wearing what I suggested. I’m not sure why he goes through this ritual of asking for my help, only to ignore it, but he does.

8:35am: It’s time to walk to school. I remember when we first moved here, J was in the stroller as we walked the girls to school. Now he’s the only one that I walk to school each morning.

Two hours of my life every morning. Seems so mundane right now. Even frustrating as I try to round up last minute parent signatures, school snacks and lost shoes. There are days when I can’t help but think of how much I could get done in those two hours. And then there are times when I realize that I wouldn’t want to do anything else with those 120 minutes – – – that someday I’ll even miss these morning rituals.


4 thoughts on “Two hours of my morning

  1. My morning is a rush. My afternoon is a rush.
    Sometimes, my evening routine seems like it takes too long and leaves me with little time for anything else to get done.
    But, then, I realize that time will pass quicker than I think.
    Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  2. I could second Sarah’s comment. Our mornings are such a rush to get out the door by 6:30 that I probably don’t realize how quickly it’ll pass and how before I know it, I’ll just have to get myself out the door (which will still probably be a difficult task).

  3. Um, you missed a pretty monumental and awesome part of your morning…. What’s up with that? This blog post could easily have been titled “3 Hours of My Morning.” Bah.

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