I used to read

Not that long ago… I used to do a lot of things that I barely have time for now.

I used to relax with my husband at the end of the day.

I used to clean my bathrooms every week.

I used to make sure the kids stayed on top of their chores.

I used to limit the amount of tv time that was watched after school.

I used to run a training schedule with a race goal in mind.

I used to cook dinner every night.

I used to write about things that didn’t involve complaining.

I used to go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up refreshed.

I used to bake things as a surprise for my children.

I used to have time to read books.

I’d really like to get back to that time. I’m tired of so many things right now. It’s hard to even express how worn out I am. Oh, how bad can it really be you say? My daughter got tired of waiting for me and decided to be her own tooth fairy last week.

I’ve been in the tunnel so long yet I still can’t see the other side. I think I’m getting claustrophobic.

This is what happens right now when I sit down and write the first thing that comes to mind. When did I become such a whiner?


3 thoughts on “I used to read

  1. You are not a whiner. I was just thinking yesterday how this time of year is hard. I love spring, but I always feel bogged down. There’s so much going on and I’m never quite sure which way to spin myself, but I know that there is never enough of me to go around. I don’t know why it is, but I do know it’s temporary. You’ll find your way again–there IS another side to the tunnel.

  2. I feel this.
    I used to read. I have made a renewed commitment to reading, as of late. But, I have to make choices as to what I can commit to, even things that I like to do and make me happy.

    I can read, or I can knit, in the short amount of time that I have to myself before I fall asleep.
    I can bake or I can play outside with Jack Jack.
    I can clean or I can read or I can knit or I can play baseball in the yard.
    But, I can’t do everything.
    The end.

  3. been trying to comment for days but it wouldn’t let me. I only read because I get stuck on planes. We sacrifice a lot…but we do get our moments. Those 20min of running…maybe a pedicure…I focus on those moments i get and making sure that there is a time out for mommy at least once a week

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