training for the opportunity

I don’t have a race on the calendar. (Well, technically I do but it’s not until November and obviously I’ll need to do something before that.) I’m still in a spot where work is overwhelming so I can’t commit to anything. Yet I’m also in a spot where I’m really happy with my distance and don’t want to lose it.

I’m comfortably running 10 miles right now. Keeping myself at 15-20 mile weeks. I’m not doing any cross training (no time). I’m literally just running whenever the running window appears to be open. Sometimes that means I have time to run just two miles; but I’ve been able to keep a long run in my weekend schedule. It’s nice but I still miss the driving challenge of a goal.

I want to do another half this spring. I had a chance last weekend, but let it go. I have another chance in two weeks but the timing of that race is bad, so I won’t make it. I don’t even feel like I need to train for the half – I just want the chance to do one while I’m in a spot where it’s comfortable. Because, seriously, when did a half marathon become a comfortable distance??

This week I had the chance to run three days in a row. I had some good distance runs in those days and this morning I woke up with legs that feel like they’re in training. I’m a little sore, my muscles are tired, and that toenail that keeps threatening to fall off again is starting to hurt. And that tired, sore feeling? It’s just making me want to search the calendar for a race.

Hello, my name is Barb. And I’m… I’m a training-aholic.


One thought on “training for the opportunity

  1. This is so much like my training, squeezing in runs around a hectic work schedule, with long runs on the weekends. Sometimes that’s what you have to do and two miles here and there is better than nothing. I’ve read that the mid-week miles don’t matter as much as that long run but it sure is nice to get the mind-clearing endorphin rush and those nicely tired training legs. They’re like a achy reminder that you can accomplish a lot. Hopefully you find a half to run soon. You wouldn’t want to lose that “13.1 is comfortable” feeling.

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