A week away

I could have blogged last week while we were on vacation. I had my laptop and even worked for a couple hours each day but I tried very hard to give myself as much of a break off the computer as possible. I needed it. And instead of blogging I did crazy things like read a book, go for runs in uncharted territory and hang out with my family. So today, I’m going to borrow something from my friend Sarah and show you:

things I have done instead of blogging

I took my family on a road trip that added three new states to my kids’ growing list. We drove way down south in Mississippi to stay with friends that feel like family. I spent two days sitting by the pool watching six kids play and goof around. I ate barbecue from a gas station. I ate fried green tomatoes topped with crawfish gravy. I ran up & down hills and smelled flowers and sweated out some stress. I caught up with my friend and was thankful for our visit.

I explored a new national park and enjoyed it enough to already have plans to go back for more in a couple of months.

I felt the cool breeze blowing out from a cave deep within the earth. And took my kids on hikes with no agenda other than climbing on some rocks and being together.

I took my kids out to breakfast (and snuck in one more plate of fried green tomatoes before officially heading north).

I made hot cross buns with my 10 year old daughter. I always forget how long it takes to bake something that involves yeast but the time was well worth it and we all waited to eat one until after attending Good Friday services at church.

I colored Easter eggs and added glitter to the dye just for fun (which, by the way, is not so fun when you are peeling the eggs to eat later). I read Easter stories. I went to Vigil Mass and prayed that the joy of the Easter miracle stays with my family and friends long after the day itself passes.

It was a good week. A break – a chance to start anew – a reminder of priorities. It was a good week to stay away from the computer.


3 thoughts on “A week away

  1. The time away looks like time well spent!
    You kids look like they had a blast, and sometimes, that is what I have found, is the best part of getting away from my computer….

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