A thankful sort of list

Sometimes being an adult is so overrated. (think laundry, finances, illness, cleaning bathrooms…) But sometimes being an adult is awesome because you have the perspective to appreciate things like these:

– Beer on tap… wait for it… in my basement.
– A piece of paper folded unevenly and at least 12 times that, when opened, reveals a carefully drawn picture with big letters: I LOVE YOU MOM!
– A run that was really hard and really fun all at the same time. (I had two of those this week.)
– The smell of homemade spaghetti sauce in the crock pot.
– The sight of your child, head bent over homework, hair falling across her face, look of determination in her eye.
– The feeling of tears welling in your eyes as you see the look of joy on people’s faces as they finish their journey to join the church. (oh, how I love Easter Vigil Mass)
– A good night’s sleep.
– Easter chocolates (particularly those pilfered from little people’s baskets).
– As you turn the corner, the unexpected burst of color from tulips in full bloom.
– Watching your kids dash to a set of rolling, grassy hills just for the joy of running up and rolling down them.

There is so much to be thankful for in the moments of everyday – the moments that are sometimes hard to grasp in the midst of all those adult-responsibilities. I hope that I never lose the perspective to look for them and revel in their grace.


2 thoughts on “A thankful sort of list

  1. I love this list. I think I know the rolling green hills of which you speak… my kids are nuts for running and rolling up and down those hills.

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