Least favorites

People always come up with their “top ten favorites.” Why don’t people ever talk about their least favorite things?

  1. Spring is my least favorite season. Sure it’s pretty but it makes me sneeze too much.
  2. Coffee is my least favorite flavor of ice cream. Why would you take a perfectly good dessert and make it taste like that?
  3. Long John Silvers is my least favorite fast food restaurant. Not that I’ve been there in decades mind you but just seeing one makes my insides revolt.
  4. Dr. Pepper is my least favorite flavor of pop. Yep, even as a kid.
  5. Ohio State used to be my least favorite team in the Big Ten. Now, I think it’s Nebraska.
  6. Jan is my least favorite Brady. She’s such a whiner.
  7. Yellow is my least favorite color of the rainbow. No one looks good in yellow, well my second child does actually but the rest of us look awful wearing it.
  8. The NBA is my least favorite sport to watch on television. I feel like they never really play hard until the playoffs.
  9. Star Wars I is my least favorite of the Star Wars movies. Because… well because it’s so boring.
  10. Math was my least favorite subject in school. And that’s saying something because I really, really liked school.

Got anything to add?

This bit of randomness has been brought to you by a sleep-deprived mother who has had sick kids for too many days. And also by:


7 thoughts on “Least favorites

  1. I’ll still be your friend, HOWEVER – yellow is happy and sunshiney and a cappucino skor blizzard is one of my very favorite things.

    1. My 2nd child agrees with you on the yellow and we’ll just have to agree to disagree if we ever get to go buy blizzards together 🙂

    2. WHOA. What is a cappucino skor blizzard? Is this some sort of Canadian thing? Would it be insane to travel to Canada JUST to buy a blizzard?

      1. Oh no! No cappucino skor blizzards south of the border?! It would be worth the trip Erin! Do you have Skor bar there?? Thin crunchy toffee dipped in chocolate? Break that into chunks, add coffee iced cream (or I guess DQ soft serve with coffee syrup) and there you go! Heavenly!

  2. I am SO GLAD that I’m not the only Dr. Pepper hater. Everyone seems to love it so deeply that they want to marry it, but the thought of it makes my stomach churn. Same with Long John Silvers and Math, but I have some crazy love for springtime and yellow.

  3. Hear, hear on numbers 1 and 10. Everyone seems to love spring but the scent of pollen makes me tense as I wait for the coughing, sniffling, hard-to-breath misery that’s only somewhat alleviated by dizzy-making medicine. And math is okay, but the rest of the subjects are so much more fun.

    Now fall is a season I love and yellow does look good on maple leaves. So does orange and brown.

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