watching the middlest shine

I love watching my kids discover their talents, reap the rewards of hard work and prove something to themselves. I get to see that happen with my oldest nearly year round between cross country and swim season. Same with my son, who will participate in nearly any sport we throw at him. I’ve enjoyed watching the two of them compete, improve and grow.

I don’t get that chance too often with the middle child. She’s not into sports so the opportunities at her age aren’t as available. But last night I got to watch her sing with the all city choir. That child loves the stage. Her eyes light up. Her smile somehow becomes bigger. Her facial expressions convey an amazing amount of emotion.

She doesn’t always have it easy this child of mine. She hasn’t quite found her place in the world yet. She floats between grades and groups. There are times when her self-esteem stumbles. But she loves music and she adores performing and maybe, just maybe she’s found a place where she can be comfortable and connect. We’ll have to wait and see but I need to find more opportunities for her up there in front of the lights – because that’s where my favorite little bookworm shines.

Editor’s note: I’d love to show you pictures from the performance but I somehow managed to find the one seat in the house that put the piano between me & my child.


3 thoughts on “watching the middlest shine

  1. It sounds like she’s found her *thing*! (And with a pose and a smile like that, I suspect she will be sensational!)

  2. I love watching kids find their thing. It has been amazing watching my own middlest do that. Sometimes it is not easy being in the middle, and finding something that is your own. Love that smile!

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