It’s all in your perspective

I ran into someone yesterday who mentioned having her perspective re-aligned. She seemed so at peace when she said it that her words stuck with me. I was literally in the middle of my run when I saw her which gave me another 15 minutes or so to think about those words and see how I can apply them to my life today:

– Instead of just being frustrated and angry that my oldest is going through a phase of calling me obnoxious and fighting me at every turn. I can step back and realize that she is venting her stresses at me. As long as she isn’t carrying that attitude out into the world, her home is a safe place to explore her emotional boundaries. So, I’m still frustrated and angry but I’m also trying to call on a reserve of patience.

– I’ve been a little bogged down with my running lately. I’m not sure why, I’m running really well, but somewhere I’ve stumbled across a level of dissatisfaction. I’m shifting my perspective to remember that I run for ME. I should only be comparing myself to MY previous pace/mileage/experiences. Running has been a source of challenge and accomplishment for me and I’m ready to return to that.

– Instead of being annoyed that J can be a complete time-vacuum – sucking up so much of my time when I could be getting so many other things done – I will cherish the moments because all too soon he’ll be too busy for me. I should never be too busy for him.

– Instead of picking up the loose ends (and papers, pencils, socks, toys, books…) that my children leave behind, it’s time to shift my perspective. Those aren’t additional chores for me, they are opportunities to teach my children more responsibility. I need to do a better job of calmly & consistently asking my children to be responsible for their things and their home.

– That kid coming out late from practice? It’s not an annoyance, it’s a found opportunity to read a book. Waiting for the pot to boil? A great time to play a little Words With Friends. I don’t take much time to unwind because I feel like I don’t have enough time. Maybe it’s time to grab the minutes when they happen.

Being the shoulder my daughter needs to cry on or carry a burden. Taking pride in the challenges I set for myself. Taking advantage of moments each and every day with my children. Consistently enforcing rules to raise strong, independent, capable people. Taking some time for me – even if it only comes in 10 minute increments. These are the priorities on which I need to focus.

I’m going to make a genuine effort to shift my perspective. Look for the positive. Focus on the end goal without getting bogged down in the day-to-day. It really is all about perspective.


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