In appreciation for the mighty 3.1

It was a big running weekend around here. Not only did I complete my tough 10 mile race but my whole family did a local 5K. I wish I could have run it with them but I had church duties that couldn’t be missed. I did however get to a good spot on the course just in time to cheer them on!

We’ve seen this kid run before but check it out – both feet are off the ground! Those kinds of pictures are priceless 🙂 She won house honors for fastest 5K time at this race. I’ve assigned her responsibility to keep me on track for a sub-30 5K in June.

Evidence that even THIS KID will run. Oh what a difference two years can make.

Check out the grin on that boy’s face when he saw & heard his mother cheering him on.

And here’s the best picture of the bunch. Why? Because it is a picture of my two favorite boys. Because I am a sucker for parents who run with their children. But most of all, because my husband ran a 5K. He followed a training plan, had a time goal and beat it. He would have done better too but he stuck with the kid with the shorter legs. I’m so very proud of him.

Three years ago this same race was my very first 5K. The course ran within .10 mile of my house, yet no one came out to cheer me on. That husband of mine probably didn’t move off the couch all day. But this year? Every one of those people was out running the race. I have never been a happier spectator.

The 5K… 3.1 miles… it is where so many of us runners get our start. It’s a goal that seems nearly impossible when we are just starting out and get winded running one mile. If you make it there and are crazy enough to keep going it can be easy to forget how mighty those 3.1 miles truly are. But they are mighty indeed.


3 thoughts on “In appreciation for the mighty 3.1

  1. I love this! A 5k, especially your first 5k, is definitely a mighty experience. I just read back over your first 5k and remember feeling much the same way. It’s amazing how those first steps and feelings of accomplishment propel us to run further, harder, and faster.

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