A smile journal

In my current quest to help boost my middle child’s self-esteem I have purchased her a few books. She’s a bookworm and this seems to be a natural way to help her start to help herself. I skimmed them before handing them off. One of them has a list of journal activities to do and one of the entries is to keep a smile journal.

This is not a new concept to me – after all I spent a year blogging about small graces each week – and it is something I’ve suggested to Miss E but this book makes it sound far more appealing than I have. So appealing in fact that I’m going to write a smile journal today! 🙂 These are the things that made me smile this week:

1. My Taltree 10 medal. This was one of the hardest runs I’ve ever done and the further I get from it, the prouder I am of maintaining a near-average long run pace on a very, very hilly course.

2. My Derby glasses. I can’t wait for my Cinco de Derby party and am already smiling about the margarita in my spiffy, official Derby glass – a glass that came as a surprise from my sister. My sister makes me smile.

3. A spring half marathon. I’ve really been wanting to do a half marathon before the weather turns hot. So somewhat out of the blue I decided to register for one… just 10 days in advance. If you would have told me I’d do something like that three years ago I would have asked you what you were smoking. And yet, this challenge brings a smile to my face every time I think about it.

4. A new book. I love having time to read again. I love finishing a good book and then taking some time to select a brand new book to read. That new book on my nightstand is making me smile.

5. Muffins. My son has crossed over the reading line to the point where he reads everything he sees. He noticed a recipe on the side of a cereal box and promptly asked if we could make it. Even though it was 80 degrees in the house (and 88 outside), I agreed to turn on the oven and bake with him. It was lovely. This one is a triple smile – a smile for the boy who is reading more each day; a smile for doing something with my child; and a smile for yummy muffins!

6. A ridiculously hot run. I met a friend for lunch this week. But before lunch we decided to go for a run – even though it meant going into Subway all sweaty post-run. It was so hot. SO HOT. But so much more fun than a regular lunch date. That short, hot, sweaty run made me smile all afternoon.

There you have it. Six big smiles for the week. What made you smile?

4 thoughts on “A smile journal

  1. 1. Finding a challenging fitness class that my ankles can handle.
    2. Coffee date with a girlfriends.
    3. Laughing about ridiculous TLC shows with my cousin.
    4. Lunch hour walks with a work friend.
    5. Trying new flavours of iced tea and discovering they’re delicious!!

  2. Having the best birthday of my life yesterday (seriously) is still making me smile today.
    That Taltree medal has the same effect on me. I think I’m actually more proud of it than my medal from the half, because that was a HARD course–way harder than the flat 13 miles I ran.

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