Too old to count on fingers: a birthday interview

My spring baby is 11 today. That means two out of three kids can no longer show their age by holding up their hands. Wow, someone is getting old around here.

Miss E has had quite the busy year. She cheers on the Red Raiders each football season. She’s on National Elementary Honor Society and was a member of her school’s Science Olympiad Team and Spell Bowl Team. She spends the first hour of her school day up at the middle school for Language Arts classes which should make the transition out of elementary school a breeze for her next year. She put herself out there by running for student council (and learned some important lessons in that defeat). She’s in dance class and takes piano lessons and is in her sixth year of girl scouts. Some days the calendar is filled with her color (pink of course) as we try to squeeze in all of her obligations.

She conquered her fear of heights by taking the leap off Jump Rock on her first-ever whitewater rafting trip last summer. She became a Junior Ranger in three National Parks this year: the Birthplace of George Washington, Gettysburg and Mammoth Cave. She taught us all some interesting facts as we were splashed by the waters of Niagara Falls on the Cave of the Winds tour. She was the “best gunner” in the artillery crew at the Battle of Fredericksburg. And her voice was the one that piped up when no one else knew the answers to questions in Mammoth Cave.

She bedazzled one of her Easter eggs. She went to her last Daddy-Daughter dance. And she completed two (TWO!) races this year: the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving morning and a spring 5K just a few weeks ago. She was selected to read her essay about making good choices at today’s school DARE ceremony. (And she’s slightly distraught that she is required to wear her DARE t-shirt because it totally messes up her birthday outfit & accessories.) She remains the girliest girl in the house.

She is smart and can strike up a conversation with anyone. She has a flair for drama and accessorizing. She still has a book with her everywhere she goes – literally, everywhere. She still loves wearing skirts and dresses more than anything else. However, as she reminds me frequently, she is NOT still a little girl.

And these are a few of her favorite things:

color: yellow
food: my mom’s homemade macaroni & cheese
vegetable: carrot sticks (same as last year)
dessert: chocolate cake
part of school: reading and writing (again, same as last year)
sport: dance, is that a sport? (and again… same as last year. This child is remarkably consistent.)
thing to do: read! (another repeat answer)
movie: Hunger Games
song: Ours by Taylor Swift (same musician as last year)
game: Harry Potter Clue
book: Catching Fire (Hunger Games series)
restaurant: Station 21 because of their four-cheese mac & cheese
holiday: Easter because I like hunting for my basket and it’s spring which reminds me of my birthday!
animal: hummingbirds – they are so pretty and I like the way they flit around

What did you request for your birthday dinner?
Hamburgers & hot dogs and red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

What is something that can always make you smile?
My brother trying to cheer me up with one of his silly dances.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A lawyer. Because the main thing they do is research and argue. And I’m pretty good at both if I do say so myself.

If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?
I would go on a European tour – Germany, Britain, Sweden, France, Italy. It seems like such a cool place to go. There’s so much history there and I’d really like to see all the ruins – especially things in Rome and Greece that have to do with mythology.

What do you love about each person in our family?
Let’s start with my big sister… my favorite thing about her is that whenever I’m feeling uncomfortable about something and can’t talk about it with people, I can talk to K. She gives good advice.
Now J… I can always play a cooky game of imagination with J. Sometimes it’s just fun to play with a light saber!
Next Dad… he can make such good chicken cordon bleu. Yum! And you, Mom… Hmmm… my favorite thing about mom is that she’s always there for me. Even if there’s an awkward moment she can console me and cheer me up.

What were some of your best memories from this past year?
– Niagara Falls
– Our Mississippi trip to visit with our friends.
– Mammoth Cave
– The wackiness of going to both middle school and elementary school at the same time.

What are some of your wishes for this year?
1. A good start for middle school.
2. An amazing summer – filled with exciting trips.
3. Getting my own room!

Each year I interview my children on their birthdays and write a post about their year. My hope is that someday these musings will spark special memories. Search for ‘birthday interview’ over there on the right to read previous posts.


4 thoughts on “Too old to count on fingers: a birthday interview

  1. A girl after my own heart – hamburgers, hot dogs and red velvet cake! I also love that she used the word “flit” to describe a hummingbird.

    Is that a giant Peeps cake on the table?

  2. I think your girly girl and I would get along well. I hope she has the best birthday. Tell her she can borrow my pink sparkle skirt for her next 5k!

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