I have had various types of friends in my life but none as important to me as my mom-friends. A mom-friend is not just a friend who is a mother. It is a friend who is like a mother to your children. She’s the friend who doesn’t think you’re strange for obsessing over that bump on your child’s jaw. She’s the friend who laughs alongside you when you throw up your hands and give in to the chaos. She’s the friend who you can call at 2am to watch your children in an emergency. She’s the friend that is welcome no matter how messy the house is. If you don’t talk to her for a day or two – you wonder what’s going on.

A mom-friend will cheer for you when the going is good. She will raise you up when the going is tough. A mom-friend will take your children when you need a break, talk to them when they need to hear from an adult who isn’t their parent, and correct them when they step out of line. A mom-friend is a pearl to be treasured in a sea of competitive parenting. (And why did parenting become competitive anyway?)

I found my first, true mom-friend when my oldest was four years old. I didn’t know such a thing existed before then. It didn’t take long to realize that while I would come across many mothers as my children attended school, took swim lessons and joined teams – I wouldn’t often find a mom-friend. We live in different cities now and yet, I could drop off my children at her house this afternoon and everyone would be comfortable together.

At this stage in my life, I am lucky enough to have not just one mom-friend but a group of them. Each brings something different to the mix. I think we complement each other well – not just as mothers but as women. And I am a better mother because I have surrounded myself with true mom-friends. You know who you are. And I thank you from the bottom of my messy heart. Happy Mother’s Day.


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