Not a flowers & chocolates kind of mom

I did not have breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. I did not get flowers or chocolates. All of those are perfectly nice things, they just aren’t my style. I did get some homemade gifts from the elementary school-aged children (those teachers do a nice job of helping Dad out on Mother’s Day don’t they?) I didn’t have to cook any meals or clean up after them. And I received the most perfect gift for me: a family adventure.

I love taking the kids out to do something new. So when my husband told me he had a day trip in mind for my Mother’s Day gift, I pounced on the chance. We told the kids they would have to figure it out on the way. It took about half the drive for them to figure out we were heading to Chicago. And then about ten more minutes to figure out our destination after I told them it was someplace they had never been before.

Yep, we took them to the Sky Deck on top of the Sears Willis Tower.

We zoomed up 103 floors in one minute. We scouted out some of our favorite landmarks. I showed them the birds-eye view of my half marathon course from the day before (yep, I also ran a half marathon on Mother’s Day weekend – race report coming soon). I told my husband that my favorite view was to the North with the skyline and the Lake. He laughed and said he liked the view to the South best. Appropriate for me the Cubs fan and he the Sox fan.

We took the kids out on the sky ledges where there’s just a bit of glass between you and the Chicago River far, far below. Even the middle child who is not a fan of heights stepped out.

It was something I’ve been wanting to cross off our Chicago list of adventures. It was a great Mother’s Day gift.


4 thoughts on “Not a flowers & chocolates kind of mom

  1. What a great mother’s day. Now if there would be a cloudless day in December so we could also see that view, I will be thrilled!

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