Only eight more get-ups

One of my children’s teachers has been counting the “get-ups” left in the school year. I realized this morning as I got the cereal boxes out of the pantry that we’re officially under 10. Less than 10 days of school left. I’m not sure how that happened so quickly. It’s been a blur of obligations and homework this year.

As always, I’ve lined up some fun summer activities. There will be plenty of camps, trips to the beach and two big vacations this summer. I realized about a week ago that I needed to keep track of all the registrations and fun. I have a large dry erase calendar in the kitchen (everyone is assigned a color) but I needed a birds-eye view of the entire summer. I printed off three months of blank calendar pages and this is what happened to June:

My word. The entire month exploded on the page. Ironically, I might have a more relaxed pace for my days right now than I will in the first month of summer. With that in mind, here are a few of this week’s small graces. Moments I can hang onto in the whirlwind that is on the horizon:

1. A personal record in the half marathon. A half marathon for which I spontaneously registered just 10 days earlier. I still can’t believe that I’m in shape to do a half marathon with no training.

2. A weekend in the city. First running its lakeshore paths and then zooming to the top of Sky Deck to see the sights.

3. Blue skies and summer weather. Our night little league game this week was absolutely perfect – the weather was so comfortable I wouldn’t have even minded extra innings.

4. A moment alone with the middle one. The youngest was at baseball with his dad. The oldest was at swim practice. So the middlest and I scraped together enough change to buy two Blizzards. We went to the DQ on the lake, sat on the pier with our toes in the water and watched the sun fall in the sky. It was a moment I’d like to freeze in time forever.

5. New books to read. (I should go back and count how often I’ve had books listed as a small grace.)

6. A pending bike ride. It’s such a pretty morning that instead of running, I’m going to spend 60 minutes riding my bike. Not a training ride, just a fun bike ride. I’ll try to take at least one brief moment to appreciate the beauty around me.

And I hope that you have at least one brief moment of appreciating small graces also. They’re out there – even on the crappy days – and when you glimpse them it’s a wonderful thing.


4 thoughts on “Only eight more get-ups

  1. I too am starting my list of “things to do this summer” I want to make sure we do them, and don’t just sit at home and bicker :). But it IS amazing how fast that time gets filled up.

    And also…I think I know that teacher.

    And also, the guidance office has been keeping a tally/mural. It is amazing how the teachers and kids make sure that our number is correct every day. We are almost done now!

  2. I’m bouncing up and down in my seat thinking about the minimal number of get-ups left. I cannot wait.
    I hope you have some time for us to squeeze in some summer runs! We still need to hit up one of the Crown Brewing runs.

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